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10 mm Polypropylene Rope

10 mm Polypropylene Rope


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Braided in house and from the same quality of yarn as all of our ski ropes.  All of our rope is braided in a single run with no split ends.  Our yarn is twisted both S & Z for a balanced rope. A great choice for recreational skiers and show skiers.

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All of our Polypropylene yarn is sourced in the USA. The yarn is 40 ends twisted S & Z direction. Our yarn has superior UV protection and long lasting color. Twisting half of the yarn in one direction and half in the other direction makes for a better and more balanced rope that coils better.


Our 10mm rope is braided on a 16 carrier machine. Our 8mm rope is braided on a 16 carrier machine half occupied, so it is an 8 strand rope. Our 5mm is braided on a 12 carrier machine half occupied making it a 6 strand rope.

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Bulk Rope

Our Bulk rope is braided directly into the box for a tangle free operation. The ideal and most economical way to purchase our rope is to purchase a full run. A full run of 10mm equals 1,600' and 8mm = 2000'

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  • Bulk Rope Shipping

    Bulk Rope shipping costs areas follows:

    1 run - $25

    1000' - $20

    By the foot up to 1000' - $20

  • No Returns or Exchanges

    There are no returns or exchanges of custom rope braiding. We do not offer returns on custom colors.